OMHI, LLC has 13 years experience of providing communities with safe inspections of new and used manufactured homes




Since 2020, Ohio Manufactured Home Inspections, LLC has strived to assure that manufactured home owners feel safe when occupying their new or relocated homes. Our company employs five inspectors that have been licensed to inspect manufactured homes since the State of Ohio began required safety inspections in 2007. Our company covers 29 counties.


What We Do

At OMHI we provide you services to ensure your manufactured home has been installed in accordance with Ohio's OAC Chapter 4781.6 and has passed all inspections required for occupancy. 


Footer Inspection

This is either an open-hole inspection of forms and reinforcement, if required, or an inspection to determine if re-use of existing foundation is appropriate for the home being installed. Call for the footer inspection BEFORE placing or pouring concrete.


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